Sermon Series

Join us May 5th as we begin a new five-week sermon series exploring the Lord's prayer. Jesus' disciples asked him how to pray and this is the prayer he gave them. We recite it at least weekly, but do we really know what it means. Join us as we explore! This week: "lead us not into temptation . . ."


"Do Not Feed the Wildlife"

Join us June 16th going thru July 14th learning how to prevail against the things that seek to keep us from God.

Soul Keeping:
The soul is NOT “a theological and abstract subject.” The soul is the coolest, eeriest, most mysterious, evocative, crucial, sacred, eternal, life-directing, fragile, indestructible, controversial, expensive dimension of your existence. Jesus said it’s worth more than the world.

You’d be an idiot not to prize it above all else. Shouldn’t you get pretty clear on exactly what it is? Shouldn’t you know what it runs on? Wouldn’t it be worth knowing how to care for it? Two things are for sure. One is: you have a soul. The other is: if you don’t look after this one you won’t be issued a replacement. Join us for 6 weeks, starting July 2nd, as we journey through John Ortberg's book, "Soul Keeping."

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