Getting & Staying Wholly & Holy Engaged

We Worship Every Sunday at 10:30 am

ALL are Welcome!

Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied with your life? Is it everything you want it to be? Is it filled with joy and hope and love? Is it free of worry and fear? Are you satisfied?

I think a lot of us would answer the question sort of like this: “Well, I don’t know about hope and joy and love, but I’m getting by about as well as can be expected. Nothing really bad happened to me so far this week (fingers crossed).” And what I would like to suggest is that this isn’t living, this is existing. Most of us just exist. We’re just trying to make it from day to day while minimizing the disasters. But this is not what we were built for.

We were created for one purpose: to love God and be loved by God. To live in a relationship of divine love with God. And to the extent we can do that, we are able to really live, not just exist. We are able to live lives of hope and joy and peace and love, lives where we are not afraid of our shadows or what’s going to happen tomorrow. This is the beginning of eternal life, right now in this life.

But like all relationships, the one with God takes some work. We call that work spiritual practices; practices like prayer, meditation, study, worship, giving, and service. It may be possible to enjoy the joy, hope, love, and peace of a deep and meaningful relationship with God without participating in spiritual practices, but I’ve never heard of it happening. Bottom line, to experience the sort of life we were created to live—the sort of life God wants us to live—we MUST engage in some of these spiritual practices. And, as we go deeper in our relationship, all of them. This is why we offer the following opportunities. Please take advantage of them.