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A Lenten Worship Event from One Man Show Ministries

Mark Winter of One Man Show Ministries will be with us on March 31st to present “Sea Change,” a Lenten worship event featuring Peter the fisherman in a series of dramatic vignettes. The

Service will also feature special music and scripture readings.


Mark is an ordained elder and General Evangelist of the United Methodist Church who

formed One Man Show Ministries in 1999 as a “creative force for God.” Mark travels all

over Texas and beyond, portraying biblical characters, preaching and conducting Jubilee

renewal events. He is also a published author and blogs regularly on his website at



Please invite a friend on this special day! Mark will have a display table on the day of the

performance with information about his ministry and resources available for suggested



We will receive a love offering for Mark on the day of the performance. As a self supporting

evangelist, he relies solely on churches and individuals to fund his ministry.

Mark lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife, Laura. They have three adult children: Paul,


Sam and Abby.

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